Strings Attached

One of the worst things is finally seeing someone’s true colors for the first time. That guy you thought was a gentleman? Nope, think again.

To be frank, John and I have gone from friends to possibly more to friends with benefits in under a month. And I’m done. I’m the last person who can handle a friends with benefits type of situation, so you can imagine the stress that has put on me. Lately, we’ve become further and further from being friends, and closer to just being benefits. I don’t want a 2AM hookup buddy.

I want a guy who will love me for all my flaws, who will buy me books to read instead of drinks. Who will care about all the insignificant details. Who will tell me how jaw-dropingly beautiful I look when I’ve just woken up and have makeup under my eyes. Who will look at how perfect the stars are and argue about postseason baseball with me (the Nationals are going to win it all). I don’t want expensive dinners or fancy jewelry, just be my best friend who I occasionally make out with.

Look, I’ll be okay. It just sucks right now, because I was under the impression that he’s this amazing gentleman. In reality, he’s just like every other boy and only makes an effort at 2AM.

I’m moving on to the next one.


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