19 Days Later…

Woah, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted last (19 days, if we’re being specific). In between now and my last post (September 8th), I’ve moved back to SLO, welcomed a group of around fifteen new students (wowies) to Cal Poly, started classes, and spent the night with John three times. Yikes.

Let’s start with WOW Week. I was a group leader with an acquaintance that I knew from home (long story short, we crossed paths before we came to college and somehow ended up leading a group together). It was… interesting. We definitely didn’t get along the way I wish we would have. But that’s okay!! My wowies were beyond perfect, and all the stress/tears/effort/7AM meetings were totally worth it. That being said, it felt really good to take off my leader wristband and yellow shirt at the end of the week. One and done.

Immediately following the end of WOW Week, classes started. WOAH. A week into the quarter, and I’m already slammed with schoolwork. I’m not complaining though. I didn’t do too well in school last quarter, so I’m really excited to step it up and perform these next few weeks. I also love all my classes and all my professors, so it should be a good quarter for me.

Time to get to the interesting stuff. John has been back in town for just under two weeks and I’ve seen him almost everyday. He’s slept at my apartment and I’ve slept at his, and we’ve cuddled on his couch for little power naps. There’s just something about him. I made him breakfast one morning (egg whites with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese), and he later told me that he bought the same prepackaged egg whites I used. Totally not a big deal, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if it evolves into anything. He doesn’t want a relationship right now, so I guess we’re “just friends.”

All in all, it’s been a crazy couple days. Here’s to the beginning of a new school year and (hopefully) so much more.


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