Hometown Hype

I’ve been back in my hometown for a week (I’m going back to school on Tuesday), but it has easily been the best week of my entire summer. Don’t get me wrong– LA was beyond amazing and I experienced so many new, exciting things. But there’s something so special about getting drunk of mimosas at 10AM on a Monday with the people who were by your side during your braces stage.

When I’m with my high school friends, it’s not about being the smartest or having the best internship. It’s talking about anything and everything, late into a summer night (sorry, that sounds like a bad country song). It’s having (another) basement party, and not-so-stealthily drinking under my parents’ noses. It’s sneaking out to the hidden corner of my backyard so the boys can get me high for the first time (a pipe, bong, and blunt… woah). It’s laughing harder than we have in ages. It’s knowing we have our whole lives ahead of us. It’s feeling like we’re sixteen and sitting at our table in the cafeteria again. It’s wishing there was a pause button, pardon the cliche, because everything is just so perfect in the here and the now.

S, A, S, M, K, & R, thank you for an unforgettable last week of summer. I feel so incredibly lucky to have a solid group of friends from my hometown who will always have my back. College is great and I’ve forged lifelong relationships in SLO, but home will always be home. I’ll see all of your beautiful faces Thanksgiving Break <3. 



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