I’m in love (with my job)

This marks my first week back at work. To bring all my lovely readers (three people, hahaha) up to speed, two weeks ago the rest of the office left for a business trip to Australia. Unfortunately, I’m just the intern, so I didn’t get to go. But it’s okay! I got to spend a refreshing, relaxing two weeks in my hometown (aka cow town).

Anyways, I really missed my job. There’s something amazing about showing up everyday, putting a ton of work into a project, and watching that project succeed. My favorite part? The company I’m interning for is on the smaller side, and the VP constantly calls me the “director of marketing” in a totally joking but not joking tone. I’m just an eighteen year old kid, I’m not complaining.

Oh, and they brought me back swag from HQ in Australia. I’m a happy intern.


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