Catch of the Quarter

It’s no secret that I fell hard for a boy (the subject of Dear John and Sprite & Peach Ciroc) spring quarter/this summer. I felt a spark from the beginning, but he had a long distance girlfriend. Yep, you read that correctly– had, past tense.

Dream boy is newly single, but I don’t feel like it’s my lucky day or anything. I’m actually sad for him. I genuinely want him to be happy. He’s an amazing guy, and it just sucks that he has to go through a breakup.

On the topic of him being single, I’m nervous as all hell. He’s not ready to jump back into a relationship (makes sense, I wouldn’t be either) and I’m not down to be his rebound. I’m supposed to be the cute more-than-friend that he falls for in a couple of months. But he’s a catch– smart, funny, good looks, you name it. When he had a girlfriend, he was unattainable, but I knew that. That was fine. Now, what if he’s unattainable, but only to me.

What if I’m not good enough?


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