Hella Hiking

Hella Hiking

On Saturday, I went on a five mile hike to an apparently dried up waterfall. I was so upset when I was confronted with a waterless waterfall, you don’t even know. But there’s a bright side. On my way up, as I haphazardly tripped over rocks and twigs, I made a friend. Tall, tan, and terribly funny, he laughed at my bad joke and introduced himself as Brett.

Brett. What a bro-like name.

Anyways, he showed me around the trail a bit, and we exchanged numbers (it wasn’t weird, totally platonic and friendly!). He seems super chill, and I’m glad to have made another friend in the area! Who says people from LA aren’t nice?

Anyways, here’s a picture. There was a wildfire about a year ago, and I think it’s pretty cool how you can see the impacted areas.


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