5 Reasons Being Single is the Shit

Don’t get me wrong, relationships are great, but being single is nothing short of awesome. I see some of my friends getting tied down and trading a fun night out for Netflix with their significant other. Hello, we are 18/19/20 years old! This is primetime for black outs/poor decisions/oh-my-god-did-I-really-do-that moments. Anyways, being single is amazing because…

  1. Freedom, freedom, freedom. No boyfriend/girlfriend to tell you not to hang out with that one flirty friend you have.
  2. Random, spontaneous make outs are extremely underrated.
  3. Calling your best friend after a terrible date and rehashing all the gruesome details is nothing short of perfect.
  4. The cute waiter/barista/intern is hitting on you? No significant other, no guilt, no problem.
  5. No pants. EVER.

Don’t get me wrong, the list goes on. Buzzfeed and Cosmo have me beat on “girl power, single is the best” articles, but I just felt the need to vent.


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