Friday Mornings

Thursday afternoon, my best guy friend sent me a snapchat of the candy I gave him the first day of college. I ran into his room with tears running down my face, it finally hitting me that soon I won’t see him for three months. He wiped away my tears/snot (I’m the ugliest crier in the entire world) and comforted me as I pathetically tried to pull it together.

On Friday we both moved out, me in the morning and him a couple hours later. I had the contents of my dorm room all packed up at around 9AM, and walked over to say goodbye. I sat cross-legged on his bed, this time with my head on his shoulder. We cuddled and talked for a long time, but, uh… ended up making out until my parents arrived. Bad, I know I know, but it was easily the most perfect thing I have ever experienced.  I feel so lucky to have a friendship as valuable as his, and I know September will be here in no time.


But, for now, if you’re reading this (I still can’t believe you found my blog), just know that I miss you.


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