Freshman Year Happened

A little over eight months ago, I moved from a small town in the middle of nowhere to my freshman dorm room. It took a six hour drive and a packed Chevy Suburban, but somehow I made it to the sunny Central Coast. Like every college freshman, I was nervous as all hell. I mean, college classes/living with three hundred strangers/not knowing anyone… that’s a lot to adjust to.

Thankfully, my initial uncomfortable feeling wore off rapidly. With each shower taken wearing cheap $2 flip-flops, I felt more and more at ease. As the year progressed, I formed bonds with people in the strangest of places– a fraternity house bar and the shower stall adjacent to mine, to name a few.

My 11×12 dorm room became home. The boys on my floor became my older brothers. The people in my building became family. This year has been everything I wanted and more, and I could not be more grateful for three more years at Cal Poly.



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