That’s Life

Doing the right thing is difficult. It sucks having to let a relationship go, especially when a lot of time, energy, and love has been invested. But sometimes it’s just time. 

Among many things, one thing I don’t understand about my peers is the need to hold onto a relationship that has obviously ran its course. Exhibit A: the summer fling that turned into a long-distance college relationship. Did you learn nothing from Grease?! Don’t get me wrong, I am the biggest “summer fling” advocate out there. But that’s it— don’t enter the land of free booze/loose morals college as one half of a long distance relationship, especially when you’ve only been with the person for a few months. Why would you do that to yourself?

Listen, it’s human nature to hang onto what is safe, especially in a period of transition. But as we grow from children, to adolescents, to young adults, we meet so many different people: best friends, study buddies, roommates, boyfriends/girlfriends, role models, etc. More often than not, as we develop, we outgrow some of these people. It’s only natural.

Point being, I think it’s foolish to hold onto a relationship just because “it’s been a year” or “it’ll devastate her if I end things.” Yes, of course it’ll devastate your significant other when you end a relationship. That’s life. A crucial part of our time on this earth is dealing with a shitty situation and growing from it. Relationships end, people change, but life always goes on.


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