Hit Refresh

Lately, I’ve kinda been all over the place. That’s kind of why I’ve been completely over blogging recently. I don’t really know what I want– romantically, academically, professionally. Currently my life is more chaotic than my extremely undersized dorm closet (an impressive feat, yesterday I couldn’t find socks even if the fate of the universe depended on it).

In two weeks I have to say goodbye to my roommates two sisters, my floor/building, and San Luis Obispo. I’m not really ready for that yet. And I’m definitely not ready to move to a strange city where I know absolutely no one. I’m scared, but that’s okay. This summer will be a fresh start to take a break from all the college craziness and hometown madness. It’ll be good for me. I’ll get a chance to hit refresh.

If my life was a web browser, that’s all I’d need to do.


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