One year from now…

Early this morning (around 3AM, to be exact), I came home to my dorm room to find my roommates and a few people from my floor trying to predict our lives a year from now. Topics included who would have a tattoo, if we would be dating someone, and what jobs we would have lined up for the summer.

Apparently, everyone came to the agreement that I would have no tattoos (accurate), be heavily involved in various campus activities (also accurate), and have an internship at Google (haha… I wish). They also decided that after having a FWB situation for most of the year, my best friend (he’s a guy) and I would end up dating.

I would like to think that in a year, I’ll be spending my summer at Google, but let’s real here– I’m not that great. And omitting one careless mistake in January, I’ve never been the hookup type. Dating my best friend?! He’s definitely like my big brother.

Laughing at my friends’ obscure predictions last night/this morning, I can’t help but think of the future. As my first year of college wraps up in a few weeks, I’m ready to hit my second year with all I’ve got. Hashtag stoked.


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