Stats Struggles

I have an 8:10-9AM class five days a week this quarter and my professor is batshit crazy. Like, he’s on coke. Not even joking.

Anyways, the class is absolutely miserable. Let me begin by saying that I love statistics– I think it’s interesting and it’s something I’m good at. But this class makes me hate life. Having it at 8AM certainly doesn’t help. The professor blatantly doesn’t care about his students, and repeatedly ridicules those who ask questions.

Sometimes, I think it’s almost too ridiculous to be real life. Sitting in that class feels like an all-too-relatable Saturday Night Live skit. Each time something completely banal happens, he proclaims “that’s exciting!” He found a confidence interval? “That’s exciting!” My professor also hasn’t bothered learning anyone’s name, so he refers to me as “young lady.” Apparently, I’m five years old again? He insists on pounding his desk with his fists every five seconds.

Anyways, my Stats Prof is completely nuts. And on coke. That is all.


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