An Ode to my Roommates

A huge shoutout to my two roommates for putting up with my extreme messiness for almost eight months now. We didn’t know each other coming into college, and the three of us now share a 12 x 11 foot room. By no means are we best friends, but the relationship I have with them is something I will eternally value. Having someone to vent to and wake me up for my 8AM has been one of the best parts of my first year, and I honestly don’t have anyone else I would rather hold back my hair.

Naturally, I was procrastinating on a paper earlier and I read this aloud to my roommates. Numbers 5, 7, 9, and 11 had us all literally crying from laughter.

Basically, next time you complain about your roommate, be glad your room doesn’t smell like whale?


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